Book Traces @ UVA resources

Looking for more information on Book Traces @ UVA?

For a detailed overview including a description of our protocol and an account of the lessons learned and benefits derived from the project, download our white paper from Libra Open.

To explore the raw data collected during our shelf surveys at the University of Virginia, go to the Book Traces @ UVA database. Data can be searched and filtered via a web interface, downloaded as comma-separated values, or accessed via API calls.

You can also use the UVA Library online catalog, Virgo, to search for books identified by Book Traces @ UVA as having marginalia, insertions, or other unique modifications. Search for “Book Traces Project” as an associated author and you will be able to further narrow your search using keywords or the catalog facets. As of this writing (in June 2018), the addition of Book Traces metadata to the catalog is not yet complete; a fuller list of books identified by the project can be found in the Book Traces @ UVA database.

The Book Traces @ UVA Twitter account is intermittently active, tweeting examples of marginalia and related news.

If you are looking for general information about Andrew Stauffer’s ongoing Book Traces project, including books found at institutions other than the University of Virginia, go to